2013 Chicago Music Awards "Best Polka Entertainer"
2012 Chicago Music Awards "Lifetime Achievement" Recipient
Celebrating over 45 years of Polka Entertainment
Eddie Korosa, Jr.
 and his Boys from Illinois
P.O. Box 115 Summit, Illinois 60501
(773) 586-3719
      Polka Emergency: (773) 919-3719

2014 Schedule

Mar 4-Blue Island Library Concert, Blue Island IL 7:00 PM
Mar 8-St Turibius Church St Joe/St Pat Dinner, Chicago, IL
Mar 9-Hiawatha Bar,Sturtevant WI 2:00 PM
Mar 13-Marie’s Happenings Senior Party, Orland Chateau
            Orland Park, IL 11:00 AM
Mar 15-Elgin Moose Dinner Dance, Elgin IL
Mar 17-East Gate Seniors, Algonquin, IL
Mar 21-Timbers, Shorewood IL 6:30 PM
Mar 26-Willow Falls, Crest Hill IL 3:00 PM
Mar 30-Downers Grove Moose Dinner, Downers Grove, IL 1:00 PM

April 4-Croation Club, Joliet IL 7:30 PM
April 5-Dank Hall, Benton Harbor MI 7:00 PM
April 6-Rosary Hill Dinner, Orland Chateau, Orland Park IL
April 9-Burgess Square, Westmont IL 6:30pm
April 11-Lockport VFW, Lockport, IL 7:00 PM
April 12-Ottawa Moose Dinner, Ottawa, IL 7:00 PM
April 13-Polka Lovers Club, Dearborn Heights, MI
April 16-IK BD
April 21-Polish Falcons, La Porte IN 7:00 PM
April 25-J & J Senior Dinner (private)
April 26-Peoria Accordion Dinner Meeting, Peoria IL
April 27-St. Louis Metro Polka Club, St. Louis MO 2:45pm


May 3-Hungarian Club, Bloomington, IL
May 9-Dundee Township Senior Center, Dundee, IL 1:00 PM
May 11-Smith Crossing, Orland Park, IL 2:00 PM
May 13-Epiphany Church, Elmhurst, IL 7:00 PM
May 14-Willow Falls, Crest Hill, IL 3:00 PM
May 16-EK BD
May 16-Beat Tom & Bill Golf Outing, 12:00 Noon
May 16-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 7:00 PM
May 17-Bohemian Friends Dinner
May 18-Gaylas Irish Saloon Polka Party, Blue Island, IL 3:00-6:00 PM
May 23-Lockport VFW, Lockport, IL 7:00 PM
May 25-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 6:00 PM

Jun 8-Father Luke's 60th Anniv. of Priesthood
           Dynasty Banquests, Hammond, IN
Jun 11-Burgess Seniors, Westmont, IL 6:30 PM
Jun 12-Trinity Chuch Seniors, 11:15 AM
Jun 14-Timbers, Shorewood, IL 2:30 PM
Jun 18-Stickney Park District, Stickney, IL 7:00 PM
Jun 20-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 7:00 PM


Jul 1-Orland Park Seniors, Orland Park, IL 12:00 Noon
Jul 6-Hickory Grove Germanfest, Peoria, IL
Jul 9-Tinley Park Seniors, Tinley Park, IL 1:00 PM
Jul 11-Dundee Township Senior Center, Dundee, IL 1:00 PM
Jul 12-Bob's Farm, Michigan City, IN
Jul 18-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 7:00 PM
Jul 23-Willow Falls, Crest Hill, IL 3:00 PM
Jul 25-Lockport VFW, Lockport, IL 7:00 PM
Jul 30-Stickney Park District, Stickney, IL 7:00 PM