2013 Chicago Music Awards "Best Polka Entertainer"
2012 Chicago Music Awards "Lifetime Achievement" Recipient
Celebrating over 50 years of Polka Entertainment
Eddie Korosa, Jr.
 and his Boys from Illinois
P.O. Box 115 Summit, Illinois 60501
(773) 586-3719
      Polka Emergency: (773) 919-3719

2015 Schedule

Sept 4-5-Little Italy Fest, Clinton, IN
Sept 6-Labor Daze, Michigan City, IN 1:00 PM
Sept 6-P.N.A. Hall Picnic, Streator IL 6:00 PM
Sept 8-Willow Falls, Crest Hill, IL 3:00 PM
Sept 12-Havana Oktoberfest, Havana, IL 37th year!
Sept 13-Marianos Oktoberfest, Westchester, IL 11:00 AM
Sept 13-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 6:00 PM
Sept 14-Wild Rose Brewery, Griffith, IN 6:00 PM
Sept 15-Oswego Senior Center, Oswego, IL 1:30 PM
Sept 18-Oktoberfest, Terre Haute IN, 5:00 PM
Sept 19-Oktoberfest, Terre Haute IN, 4:00 PM
             Lee Lockharts Too Loud Polka Band
Sept 19-Oktoberfest, Berwyn, IL 12:00-1:30 PM
Sept 19-Dank Hall Oktoberfest, Benton Harbor, MI, 7:00 PM
Sept 20-Springfield Polka Lovers Club, Springfield, IL 2:00 PM
Sept 24-Timbers of Shorewood, Shorewood, IL 6:30 PM
Sept 25-Elmhurst Seniors, Elmhurst, IL 12:30 PM
Sept 26-marianos Oktoberfest, Oak Lawn, IL 11:00 AM
Sept 26-Lake Katherine Private Party, Palos Heights, IL 7:00 PM
Sept 27-Marianos Oktoberfest, Shorewood, IL 11:00 AM
Sept 27-Slovennian Union Grape Dance
             St. Joe's Park, Joliet, IL 4:00 PM
Sept 30-The Greens Seniors, Elgin, IL 7:30 PM

Oct 1-Brookdale, Vernon Hills, IL 3:00 PM
Oct 2-East Gate Seniors, Algonquin, IL 2:15 PM
Oct 3-Oktoberfest, Altamont, IL 5:00 PM
Oct 4-Marianos Oktoberfest, Frankfort, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 4-St. Joe's Oktoberfest, Lockport, IL 1:00 PM
Oct 4-Argonne Seniors, Orland Chateau, Orland Park, IL
Oct 8-Brookdale Seniors, Lisle, IL 7:00 PM
Oct 9-Brookdale Seniors, Hoffman Estates, IL 2:00 PM
Oct 10-MK Birthday!
Oct 10-Oktoberfest, Michigan City, IN 12:30 PM
Oct 11-Marianos Oktoberfest, Aurora, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 11-Mercy Fest, Aurora, IL 4:00 PM
Oct 13-Stepping Stones, Hinsdale, IL 7:00 PM
Oct 14-Oktoberfest, Tinley Park Seniors
             Zion Church, Tinley Park, IL
Oct 15-Evergreen Park Seniors, Evergreen Park, IL 1:00 pm
Oct 15-W.O.W. Singles Dance, Elmhurst, IL 8:00 pm
Oct 16-Mayslake Oktoberfest, Oakbrook, IL 2:00 PM
Oct 17-Marianos Oktoberfest, Hoffman Estates, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 17-Oktoberfest, Elgin, IL 7:00 PM
Oct 18-Marianos Oktoberfest, Gurnee, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 18-Hofbrauhaus, Rosemont, IL 5:30 PM
Oct 20-Belmont Library, Chicago, IL 6:30 PM
Oct 23-Joliet Street Pub Oktoberfest, Joliet IL 7:30 PM
             Featuring John Slivo Churnovic
Oct 24-Marianos Oktoberfest, Vernon Hills, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 24-Oktoberfest, Vernon Hills, IL
Oct 25-Marianos Oktoberfest, lake Zurich, IL 11:00 AM
Oct 29-Burgess Seniors, Westmont, IL 6:00 PM
Oct 30-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 7:30 PM


Nov 1-Paramont Club, LaSalle, IL 6:00 PM
Nov 7-St. Dennis Church Dance, Lockport, IL
Nov 8-Moose Dinner Dance, Berwyn, IL 2:00 PM
Nov 14-St. Joe's Kickers Club, St. Joe's, MI 7:00 PM
Nov 15-Oak Lawn Library, Oak Lawn, IL 2:00 PM
Nov 17-Niles Senior Center, Nile, IL 12:30 PM
Nov 20-Beacon Hill Seniors, lombard, IL 7:00 PM
Nov 21-Ottawa Moose Dinner, Ottawa, IL 7:00 PM
Nov 24-Burgess Square, Westmont, IL 6:00 PM
Nov 25-Willow Falls, Crest Hill, IL 2:00 PM
Nov 28-Essington Place Seniors, Joliet, IL 2:00 PM
Nov 29-Croation Club, Joliet, IL 6:00 PM

Dec 2-Prospect Bank Mayfield Banquets
Dec 3-Senior Polka Accc. So. Mayfield Banquets
Dec 6-Slovenian Union Dinner, Waukegan, IL
Dec 8-Epiphany Church, Elhurst, IL 6:30 PM
Dec 14-Accordian Club Dinner, Elmhurst, IL 8:00 PM
Dec 17-Timbers, Shorewood, IL 6:30 PM
Dec 18-LK Silver BD
Dec 19-Streamwood VFW Christmas Party, Streamwood, IL
Dec 27-Pre-New Years Eve Party
             Croation Club, Joliet, IL 2:00 PM
Dec 31-New Years Eve Dinner Dance **OPEN TO THE PUBLIC**
             Elgin Moose, Elgin, IL 6:30 PM